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Using my Curse Engine(also available on the Yoyogames Marketplace), I created a homage to classic exploration type games.  Collect, explore, collect some more, fight bosses, collect again to explore more - you know the formula.

Mankind finally lands a man on Mars!  While exploring the surface, this scientist falls into a sinkhole where a discovery may just illuminate secrets of the galaxy!

THIS IS EARLY ACCESS!  All future updates obviously get pushed to , so you get the updates until kingdom come.

Early Access Controls:
-A jumps
-S is a selector in menus or saves the game when standing next to a computer.
-W opens inventory menu
-D fires weapon
-left/right move
-down crouches

In this release:
An almost complete first world.  One small zone left to finish(you'll know where), but only for bonus collectibles.  World two has been started and even includes its first boss fight.
There are currently four huge boss fights total.  Three weapons to collect.  Over 30 rooms to explore.

Please, report any type of glitches/bugs you may find! Some are intentional for possible speedrunning such as being able to rejump(spin jump) after getting double jump and being hit by an enemy.  I am a one man army programming and creating assets for the project.

ozzed.net is responsible for the free to use creative commons music.  Check his stuff out!

Again, this is early access.  Should the project ever reach a point with no new releases, I will end up releasing all assets and source code so someone can continue the project.


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